What are the main goals of Know How?


1. To give voice to these untold stories, and create a better future for foster care youth.

2. To get thousands more people involved in their lives and futures, and give our nation’s most vulnerable youth a better chance for independence and success.

3. To take the film to cities across the nation, and host screenings at foster care agencies and schools.

4. To empower youth by seeing their peers achieve excellence, and catalyze change in their own lives.

Where did the funding for the movie come from?


Know How is funded by the Possibility Project, a national non-profit that supports Foster Care and at-risk youth with arts education by providing them with a safe space to talk about what they have been through.

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Who made the movie?


The Production Team

The production team are a leadership crew chosen by the entire group. It’s their responsibility to establish goals, set policies, and build decision making procedures. They provide oversight of adult leadership, assess and plan rehearsals with directors, participate in all activities, keep open communication with the entire cast, and develop an artistic framework for the show’s creation.

DeShawn Brown
Radhames Castillo
Niquana Clark
Michael Dew
Narissa Lee
Claribelle Pagan
T. Spears

The Cast

Christian Acuqui
Xylina Barthley
Gabrielle Garcia
Bashira Henry
Gilbert Howard
Narissa Lee
Travis Parker
Naquan Samuels
Ebonee Simpson
Lalisabeth Soto Perez
Robert Williams


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