"...This could be "Rent" for a new generation... an immense achievement."

- Martin Tsai


 "...“Know How” is a robust, youthful call to be seen, heard and appreciated — to be a little less invisible."

- Daniel M. Gold


 "...ambitious, involving, and even heartbreaking... far more memorable than TOMORROWLAND or JURASSIC WORLD..."

- Rob Edelman


 "From beginning to end, I found myself blown away by how strong and amazing these kids are."

- Chloe Touma


 "A raw, angry, and completely authentic look into the lives of young people raised in the NYC foster care system... Powerful and real; will haunt you for days."

- The Video Tape Worm


 "...Escoriaza and his team deliver a heartfelt, inspiring message about perseverance in the toughest of circumstances."

- Brigid K. Presecky


"Manages to be gritty and raw while being aesthetically gorgeous"

- Chris Chmielewski


"A great film has the power to open one’s eyes to the intricacies of society and the physical world in which we all collectively dwell. It can inspire reflection, contemplation and at times, even personal action. Know How does all that, with a twist."

- Megan Friend


 "...a groundbreaking achievement..."

- Georgette Todd


Audience Reactions


"I saw Know How today at Harlem International and loved it!  I was impressed with its accuracy. Since I started working in foster care I've felt like I've been screaming and no one can hear me. I think it should be required watching for all new foster care workers. Watching Know How made me want to be a better social worker. Thank you for making this movie. Thank you for giving those kids a voice."

- Ilena Robbins, Social Worker