Sacramento Capitol Screening at the Crest Theater


Last night Claribelle an FC cast member from Know How, Nicole Starr from Participant Media, and I went to Sacramento with our youth led partners CYC to speak truth to power. Over 30 of us came together to screen the film. We were joined by foster care allies Assemblymember Mark Stone and Senator Jim Beall, both of whom are advocating for sweeping reform in the system. It was a big night, lots of great connections, and the creation of a cross dialogue between these youth and lawmakers. Today they continue the conversation through Shadow Day, an event where these youth will work hand in hand with legislators on the hill all day. I could not be prouder of our kickoff event.

If you want to get involved sign the petition we've created that will help more youth be placed with loving foster families rather than institutions.

  • What:  Policy-driven screening and panel discussion with film cast & crew and NGO supporters, at the Crest Theater in Sacramento.  
  • Who: Opening Remarks from Senator Jim Beall, Assemblyman Mark Stone, both of whom are advocating for sweeping reform in the system, and CYC Foster Care Youth. Panel included, Nicole Starr (moderator), Juan Carlos (Director), Claribelle Pagan (writer, cast), Jennifer Rodriguez (Exec. Director, Youth Law Center).
  • Attendees: Approximately 75 foster care leaders and policymakers from the State Capitol, non-profits and foster care youth participating in CYC’s shadow day.   
  • Why:  The screening created an engaged dialogue between youth and lawmakers, around need for systems change and drove support for key legislation such as Stone’s bill, A.B. 403, which will reform congregate care to ensure more children grow up in families, not institutions. 
  • Highlights:
    • After the screening Assemblyman Stone was deeply moved by the film, engaged with the foster care youth at the end of the event, and is now working to screen the film in his district. 
    • Senator Beall made passionate opening remarks saying he believes the film is “going to make a difference”. 
    • Karen Grace-Kaho, St. of CA Foster Care Ombudsman said “the film is so impactful, I’m going to screen it everywhere."
    • Strong engagement with the film from foster care youth in audience, frequently eliciting cheers, applause, and very poignant questions during the Q.A. 
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Premiere at Madrid International Film Festival


We are in Madrid for its premiere at Madrid International Film Festival at 12pm today. We're nominated for 3 awards including best picture, best director, and best actress. The competition is stiff, but we're hopeful we can win. Thanks so much to  Film Festival International for putting on such a great fest. In attendance is cast member Claribelle Pagan, Executive Producer Paul Griffin, and Director Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza.


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We Won IndieWire's Project of the Year


We won Indiewire's Project of the Year! A film written and acted by foster care youth. When we think about that, it makes us so incredibly proud and glad we’re all on this ride together. 

Over the last few years, films that won this award have gone on to be distributed internationally, and we're excited for what it could mean for us too. A quick note, both Know How and the other frontrunner in the competition have won the award. Congrats to them as well! Mostly though, thank you. It has been humbling to receive such an incredible outpouring of strength and support throughout finishing the film and well past it. You are at the core of our success and we are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Personally, I’ve been thinking about independent film over the last couple of weeks as they did the recount. For small films, without studio backing, it’s so important to receive accolades and be afforded opportunities. Now we get to go to Tribeca for industry meetings and potentially receive distribution. That's because of you.

We bet the farm on these contests because we have to, it’s that important. They give us a chance to cut through the noise and stand out. While there are more ways for films to be distributed, there are more films coming out than ever before too, and getting people’s attention is that much harder!

It really comes down to the strength of the community, and that’s a beautiful thing, because we know we’ve got the strongest community of all. You all.

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Help Know How Win Project of the Year - Vote Now!


We're in a tight race for Project of the Year and really need your vote.

The competition is heating up on Indiewire, and you can help us tip the scales. Winning this could mean the film is distributed far and wide! We would be forever indebted and grateful if you could take one minute to...

  • Click the link
  • Vote for Know How 
  • Share it on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Ask the person beside you to vote and share

Please help us achieve Project of the Year. We cannot thank you enough for supporting "Know How" and seeing it through to this dream come true.

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Our World Premiere at Cinequest


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year! Is it too late to say that?

Well… (drum roll)... we’ve got news...

It’s official! Know How’s World Premiere is going to be at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California. We’ll be in their Maverick competition, vying for their highest honor.

We are so excited we can barely contain ourselves, and could not be prouder to begin the film festival circuit with a team that really understands what our mission has been all along: change the foster care system.

We’d love for you all to come and join us. I know it might be far away for some of you, but you only get one world premiere, so pack your suitcase and meet us there! We’ll eventually find our way across the entire nation (and hopefully the world)... but that’s months away and you don’t want to wait that long to celebrate with us, do you?

Camera Cinemas 12: 201 South Second Street San Jose, CA 95113
March 8th @ 7pm, March 9th @ 6:15pm, March 11 @ 4:15pm 

So although we’re in separate parts of the world, perhaps huddled inside while cold winds blow, let’s all raise a glass together to toast “Know How” — to its success, to its ability to affect change, to its making a real difference. 

If you’re game (and I really hope you are), we need your help to spread the word: tell some folks around your office, over dinner, FACEBOOK IT, TWEET IT (hashtag #knowhowmovie), and join our grassroots campaign! And if you want to do even more, email me: jcpe [at] knowhowmovie [dot] com

Let’s create a groundswell together, make a big impact on the future of foster care for our nation’s young people, and get ready for “Know How’s” big world premiere! 

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