Know How is Finished


We are sooooo very excited to tell you some great news – “Know How” is finished!  Yes, our film is completely done. We have been hard at work all summer and because of your generous support the film is finally and completely finished.

“Wow” is all we can say. Well, that and “thank you” a million times over for your backing. We simply couldn’t have done it without you.

The film looks and sounds great and tells an incredibly powerful story about life in and around foster care. We are now ready to begin the process of taking “Know How” out into the world to share the film’s story of perseverance and redemption, raise an important, unheard youth voice, and make a real impact on the future of foster care.

This fall, we will be submitting “Know How” to film festivals. Our aim is to get some festival attention and find the right partners who will help us find as big an audience as we can possibly get for our film. We hope to premiere the film at a festival and then get the film out to cities across the U.S. next year. We will keep you updated as we make progress.

We will also be in touch soon with each of you who are owed rewards for your backing. Look for an e-mail in early October with the details. 

Thank you again for your support.  We are forever grateful.  

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We Funded our Kickstarter


We completed our Kickstarter campaign after 30 days. All we can really say about the experience is “THANK YOU!” We’ve said it before, but we believe it bears repeating. Our success really is because of YOU!

We have already begun the process of finishing our film — our artists and technicians are working diligently to complete the color correction, motion graphics, sound design, and score. We can’t wait to finish it and eventually share it with you. We have big plans to make a big impact on the future of foster care, and we’re eager to act on them. 

Most importantly, we’re thrilled to have you aboard.  We promise to share our progress as we go. We are just getting started creating change and we look forward to creating it with you. 

Thanks again and again for your support!

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Some Inspiration As We Come To The Last Days of the Kickstarter


I wanted to take a moment, with only 5 days left in our campaign, to share why directing "Know How" has meant so much to me and changed my life in many ways. When I began this journey nearly 3 years ago I had no idea I was going to meet some of the best friends I’ve ever had and that the experience would forever change my world view. 

In retrospect, it’s easy to get nostalgic about the sleepless days and nights, the harrowing moments when all seemed lost during production, and the tragic triumphs where the youth’s performances made us all stop, look, and reflect on our world. It’s easy to wish for those days back and for how alive we all felt in the moment of creation. Those were the days where we were on a mission few knew about, and our goal was to make sure these hidden stories were told honestly, truly, and sincerely- when Deshawn or Gabby or Claribelle cried, we all did; when they laughed, we did too. For some of us the changes we experienced were happening right then and there on the set; for others they were happening at home later that night or the following week when we had time to pause. 

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Because of You We're Already 1/3 of the Way There!


We cannot thank you enough for jumping in and backing our film.  Your help is making a huge difference and we are so grateful.  After only three days, we are already one-third of the way to our goal, and we’ve gotten off to such a great start because of YOU! 

Two nights ago,we got together for dinner with the KNOW HOW cast, some of whom had just returned from college for the summer (including Niquana). It was so great to hear how much our young people are still growing and learning. We laughed a lot, as we always do (this cast has some of the funniest people I know) and talked a lot, as we always do. We talked about the film, about their lives, and about how exciting it is to see the support KNOW HOW is inspiring. 

We know that you’ve already made a difference, and we couldn’t ask for more. But since many of you have written to ask what else you can do to help the cause, we've been thinking. Happily, money isn’t the only way to help. 

Here are a few more ways you can help us make a difference: 

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Avoiding a Statistic


I do not intend to become a part of the statistic that states 94% of foster care youth will not graduate from even a community college. It is very important for me to further my education. I am motivated to graduate and succeed in college for many reasons. Pursuing my education will lead to financial stability. Maintaining financial stability will allow me to comfortably raise and support a family, and ensure that I have shelter, clothes, and food. I believe that financial stability and a happy, healthy family, which are my personal goals in life, cannot be accomplished without pursuing my education. This leaves dropping out of school out of the question.

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