Meet the Youth
Meet the Filmmakers

at the heart of this film is a foster care cast


Deshawn Brown, Niquana Clark, Michael Kareem Dew, Gabrielle Garcia, Gilbert Howard, Claribelle Pagan, and Ebonee Simpson.  They all grew up in foster care in NYC and met as teenagers in The Possibility Project.  They all have remarkable stories of loss and of hope.  They all are deeply committed to making a difference for other youth in care.

a note from niquana clark

A few years ago, I was sitting in my foster care agency office complaining about how bored I was with life. So the lady asked me what I would be interested in doing, and I told her I wanted to act. She told me about The Possibility Project, and I figured it would be doing Shakespeare.  Instead we were acting scenes and creating a musical from our own lives. Six months later I took the stage with 19 others; all of us had been in foster care, and we premiered a play about the things we’d been through. The stories were so powerful for audiences that afterward we talked about making it into a movie so we could reach more people.  It seemed silly to hope for something like that - until suddenly it wasn’t.

We re-wrote our script into a screenplay, rehearsed for months, and shot the whole thing in-between court dates, school, work, agency meetings and our always hectic lives. Sometimes it was hard to tell if we’d finish the movie at all, but we struggled through it — we made it together.

When people used to ask me about my future, I would say “yeah, when I had a future.” I had stopped going to school, I was holding myself back.  But through this experience I got my life together, graduated high school, and am in my first year of college.

All the while we’ve still been striving to get this movie over the finish line. So here we are, so close to being totally done, and all we need is your help!

the youth cast

Juice.jpg Trey.jpg Addie2.jpg

joshua elijah adams

I found my voice and love for acting while at the
Possibility Project. It helped me be confident in who I am.

deshawn brown

My past was already written. Now I’m redirecting my future and recording music.

niquana clark

I like to know how things work and why. I am in college now and getting into politics.We need to change our system together.


eva2.jpg Dessy.jpg

michael kareem dew

My family is not the one I was born into. We need more good parents in the system.

gabrielle garcia

I reinvented who I am and now I'm in college on a full scholarship.

ainsley henry

I teach music and art in the after-school hours to children in NYC.


Kayla2.jpg Megan3.jpg

gilbert howard

I graduated from Job Corps and moved out of the city. I have a new life in Americorps in the midwest.

lee jimenez

I have become an activist for LGBT youth. We need more young leaders in communities.

claribelle pagan

This year I'm graduating high school. We need mentors to support education.


ebonee simpson

I saved myself by going to college and becoming an EMT. Now I save others.